Wyoming 1998
I made a return trip to the upper plains region of the U.S. in 1998 with
a plan to ride mountain roads on my Kawasaki KLX650-C, a tank of a
dual-sport motorcycle I'd bought earlier in the year. My faithful Suzuki
SP200 didn't have the engine to handle any sort of altitude during my
trip to Montana and the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1997, and I
knew I needed more power if I was to come back and ride in the
mountains again. The KLX650 never complained as it reached heights
of around 10,000 feet in the Medicine Bow and Bighorn National
I was fascinated with cowboy boots on fence
This was the bike I took with me to Wyoming.
I came across the remnants of an
old flue that was used to move
logs from the high country down
to the lowlands. The mountain
streams were too rocky to float
the logs downstream, so loggers
constructed this wooden flue to
carry water and logs down the
This jeep road eventually turned into a short section of singletrack that ended
where loggers were cutting trees with the largest chainsaws I'd ever seen (for
some reason they didn't seem real happy to see me). I discovered very quickly
that singletrack is no place for a KLX-650 dual sport bike. The rear suspension
was set up for a Cadillac-like ride, which is great for pavement but was too soft for
anything rougher than braking bumps.
I spent a day in
the Black Hills of
South Dakota on
the way back.
This photo was
taken at the top
of Flag Mountain,
which has an
awesome view of
a grassy valley
Something about
this bridge over
Lake Francis
Case in South
Dakota was cool
to me.