1987 Suzuki SP200
This picture was taken in 1997 somewhere in the middle of
Eastern Montana.  Me and the SP rode nearly 200 miles that
day. When Suzuki released these bikes in 1986, I fell in love.
I always liked the look of the
1985 SP600 with its red and
blue colors, front disc brake, long-travel suspension and
bulbous fuel tank. Call it a poor man's Honda XL600R, which
it evidently was, as 1985 was the only year for the big SP.
However, its styling carried over to the all-new SP125 and
250 in 1986. They were affordable bikes, even for a high
school kid with only a weekly allowance and summer farm

About a year after I picked up a SP125/200 brochure at the
local Suzuki dealership, I finally convinced my dad it was time
for me to own one. In October of 1987, we set out to find a
leftover '87 model and located one at a dealer in Urbana,
Riding to
high school
Check out the
negative images!