June 6, 1999
White City, Illinois
9th of 11 in Big B
Seems like whenever I take Matt with me to race, conditions are just
horrible.  There had been some rain during the week and the course
was total slop.  Plus, it was hotter than a blowtorch and after a mere
10 minutes of racing I was dead tired.  Near the beginning of the race
I got hung up on a steep hill and lost some time and energy getting
back up the hill on the second try.  My front tire (the crappy
Bridgestone...jeez, why didn't I change it!?!?) was working just as
horribly as it was in the Cuba mudfest.  Absolutely no control, just
slip-sliding in whatever direction.  Matt and I had scouted one of the
steeper hills before the race, so it didn't give me any problems.  
Somehow I got ahead of him, but then my throttle decided to stick
wide open and I rammed into a tree.  He was behind me just as I got
going again, but then he passed me when I missed a turn and went
off the course for awhile.  The throttle stuck a couple more times and
would cause more problems in future races.

At one point I crashed, got back up, and then felt my 'nads on fire.  
Well, I didn't actually feel them (I'm not like that, during a race
anyway), it was just the sensation.  I stopped to see what the problem
was (O.K., I didn't actually look at them right then; that came later)
and found the gas cap breather line had come off, and when I
crashed some gas had spilled onto my pants.  The burning finally
subsided after riding another 10 minutes in hellish pain.  I seriously
thought about dumping the bike and jumping into the creek.

The loop was 12 miles long and took over an hour to complete the
first time around.  On the second loop I caught up to Matt, who had
stopped along the trail with fouled spark plug, so he was basically
done for the day.  After a 5-minute rest talking to Matt, I felt much
better and actually rode pretty well for awhile.  The course dried out
some as the race went on.  But the last couple of miles were torture.  I
had no energy left as I crossed the finish line and as expected, my
results were less than impressive, but I did beat Matt (he was in last

June 27, 1999
St. Joe State Park
Park Hills, Missouri
10th of 12 in Open B
This was the annual March of Dimes charity race at St. Joe State
Park.  KTM brought their factory truck out, along with Guy Cooper
(their paid National rider) and his hot wife.  The throttle problems
reared their ugly head right at the start.  The bike absolutely refused
to start when the flag dropped.  It had run fine before that.  I had to
pull off to the side while row after row took off and I sat there and
kicked like hell. Looking back on it, I think the carburetor was sticking
open, which meant the more I kicked the more I flooded the engine.  I
finally got going just before the ladies started, and then about 300
yards into the race the throttle stuck open in a section of whoops.  I
crashed hard and bruised my thigh while the ladies all passed me,
but I caught up to them later.  They are much faster than most people
think.  Later on in the race the bike was running bad, like I fouled a
plug or something.  I finished the lap and then went back to my truck
and wasted a lot of time changing the plug, and it ran just as bad with
the new one.  The throttle stuck open a few more times, but I was
more prepared for it and didn't crash.  I started fearing the
motorcycle, as if I was riding a horse with a mind of its own...very
scary.  No control whatsoever, just hang on for your life.  A nasty
storm blew in during the last lap and the St. Joe sand flats turned into
a reincarnation of the Dust Bowl.  Then the rain came down hard, just
in time for me to have to load up the bike and change out of dirty
clothes.  I didn't stick around to see how bad I did (found out later on
the internet).

July 11, 1999
Tebbetts, Missouri
8th of 11 in Open B
After some rain, I assumed this course would be in bad shape, but
trail conditions turned out nearly perfect.  It was a typical rocky
course, 10 or 11 miles long, except the trail was much faster than
normal.  Nothing tight, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear stuff.  There was one
section about a mile long that was a rocky creek bed.  Very tough.  I
just couldn't figure out how people could be going so fast. There was
one place where you could go WFO (wide f***ing open) for almost a
mile, if you had the balls (I didn't).  My finish was disappointing
because I didn't really make any mistakes, did my usual 4 laps, and
still ended up in the bottom of my class. I was beginning to wonder if I
really belonged in the B class.
White City, Illinois
Park Hills, Missouri
Tebbetts, Missouri