Editor's Note:
Since the advent of parenthood, my nearly limitless free time available to
document all sorts of inconsequential things has evolved into barely
enough time to wipe before I flush. So the race reports that my loyal
readers have enjoyed for years now cover some, but not all races, as I
find the time to write. However, if you are new to this page and want to
enjoy a few highlights, here are my favorites:

  • Winterset, Iowa 2000 (my first-ever class win)
  • Florence, Missouri 2003 (the race from hell)
  • Kahoka, Missouri 2003 (wettest race ever)
  • Crawfordsville, Indiana 2005 (first GNCC race)
  • Park Hills, Missouri 2006 (coolest photos ever taken of me in action;
    2 were published in magazines)
  • Morrison, Illinois 2007 (a classic Moose Run)
  • New Berlin, New York 2007 (GNCC race staged at the legendary
    Unadilla motocross track)
  • White City, Illinois 2007 (consistently the toughest enduro in the
    Midwest - this one was the first time I ever finished the race)
  • Zwingle, Iowa 2008 (just a great venue, not too far from me)
  • Hayward, Wisconsin 2010 (toughest enduro in Wisconsin)
  • Mansfield, Missouri 2011 (the only race I ever specifically trained for...
    it's that tough. And I got to race at night, which was very cool)

So read these, or read all 213. It's up to you. Enjoy!

I've been competing in off-road motorcycle events since 1994, when I
began my racing "career" at a
Hare Scramble near Decatur, Illinois.  I had
dreamed of competing for many years, but I didn't have an opportunity
until after I graduated from college and could support myself and afford to
buy a racing dirt bike.  Most of the younger racers get help from their
parents in buying and maintaining their motorcycles and traveling to the
races.  That kind of help wasn't available for me, so the dream was just
that, a dream, until the Fall of 1993, when I bought a brand new
Suzuki RMX250.

During the first few years I raced, I was pretty much a "recreational"
racer, doing 6-8 races a year. In Illinois, the races tend to be held where
the hills are, which were often several hours from where I lived. The race
schedule increased in 1999, my first full year in St. Louis. With more
racing venues closer to home, I found it easier to get excited about going
to the races. I spent about 6 years as a regular in the Missouri Hare
Scrambles Championship, a very competitive, well organized and well
attended off-road series. In 2002 I won the Open B class and eventually
worked my way into the A Sportsman class. Now that I'm back in Illinois, I
mostly race the "old guy" A classes in a handful of various regional series
in Illinois and Indiana.

In 1999 I began documenting my (mis)adventures in racing to give others
a perspective on what the average guy sees at a hare scramble or
enduro. Enjoy!
1999 Season
2000 Season
2001 Season
2002 Season
2003 Season
2004 Season
2005 Season
August 7 Ligonier, Indiana
September 4 Eugene, Missouri  
September 18
Ottawa, Illinois   
October 23
Crawfordsville, Indiana
November 27 White City, Illinois
2006 Season
August 13 Geneseo, Illinois
August 27 Wedron, Illinois  
September 10
Morrison, Illinois  
September 24
Culver, Indiana  
October 29
Morrison, Illinois
November 26 White City, Illinois
2007 Season
July 29 Newark, Missouri
August 12 Roselawn, Indiana
August 26 Wedron, Illinois
September 16 New Berlin, NY
September 23 Westpoint, TN
Adventures in Racing
2008 Season
September 13 Valders, WI
September 21 Zwingle, Iowa
September 27 Geneseo, Illinois
November 2 Goshen, Indiana
November 30 White City, Illinois
2009 Season
September 13 Wedron, Illinois
September 20 White City, Illinois
September 27 Geneseo, Illinois
October 11 Thayer, Missouri
October 18 Zwingle, Iowa
November 15 Zwingle, Iowa
November 28 Mansfield, Missouri
2010 Season
September 12 Wedron, Illinois
September 19 White City, IL
October 10 Atalissa, Iowa
October 31 Morrison, Illinois
November 7 Goshen, Indiana
November 14 Zwingle, Iowa
November 27 Mansfield, MO
2011 Season
September 25 Geneseo, Illinois
November 6 Zwingle, Iowa
November 26 Mansfield, Missouri
2013 Season
2015 Season
2020 Season