In 2004, while killing time in an airport, I picked up the March edition of Dirt Bike magazine. Editor Ron Lawson's column,
"From the Saddle", covered his Seven Simple Rules for riding partners. Here's rule #1:

"Never trust a man with a bike that's too pretty. Pretty bikes don't belong in box canyons. Pretty bikes don't
go up hills that require four or five tries. Pretty bikes are no fun to be around. If you show up with a bike
that has no graphics, that has plastic that's roughly the same texture as Saddam Hussein's complexion, that
tells me you're ready to ride and that complaints will be few."

I think Ron and I would get along just fine.

When I first posted Ron's quote to my website, I mistakenly referred to Dirt Rider magazine as the source. As fate would have it, Ron sent
me this email a few months later:
"John, I stumbled across your site and enjoyed it. Real dirt bike guys all think alike, and not always in a bad way. The broken legs story
was good enough to inspire sympathy pain. I was surprised and flattered to be quoted on your home page, too. Just one thing, I'm the
editor of Dirt Bike, not Dirt Rider. So it goes."

Sorry, Ron.
2001 Quote of the Year:
"John - Sorry to hear about your crash. Good thing you're not still dating the wannabe doctor chick. You'd be getting an
earful for sure. When I'm hurt my wife just shakes her head and tells me to keep up with the life insurance."

--Bill Steele, fellow off-road racer, after learning of my shoulder injury in August 2001.
Well folks, ask and you shall receive.  A few years ago I found a nice note in my inbox from Dr. Larry in Florida, thanking me for the
information on
changing fork oil.  Here is an excerpt from Dr. Larry's e-mail:

"On another subject-your e mail address.  Very frustrating to find on  your website.  Irritating actually.  All I wanted to do was thank you  for
your info.  Took me way too much time to find it!  If I wasn't so  grateful I would have given up."

Apparently Dr. Larry must have first tried the address, which only works if you want to e-mail your complaints.  
But since there are nice people like Dr. Larry who actually want to take time to thank me for the information contained in this web site,  here
is my e-mail address that accepts compliments only:

I would also like to add that Dr. Larry, who appears by his title to be a real doctor, i.e. one who heals broken bones and other
motorcycle-related pain, rides a dirt bike.  That makes him cool.  Thanks for your comments, Dr. Larry.
2007 Quote of the Year:

If you could not find the '05 trophy it might be because Sean May ate it (or James Augustine fouled it).
-- former co-worker Brad Pierce, after learning I was unable to locate North Carolina's 2005 NCAA basketball
championship trophy in Chapel Hill and bring it back to Illinois (where it belongs).
"[Your] web site just doesn't seem like a chick magnet thingy." (Jeff Smith)

Yep, that pretty much sums up the whole thing.