We've all got stories...
Two broken bones and a dislocated big toe.
Near Newberry, Michigan
Summer 1995
Sprained Ankle
Polo, Missouri
August 2003
Broken toe
Newark, Missouri
August 2004
Note the fact that all these injuries
involve my left foot.
Above: X-ray of a normal clavicle.
Right: X-ray of my right clavicle.
I always knew I had weird clavicles. Each clavicle ends prematurely, before reaching the edge of my shoulders,
with a "bump" protruding slightly on both sides. In 2001, thanks to a nasty crash on the dirt bike, I got to see
what these weird bones look like. The X-ray above-right was taken after I thought I'd broken my clavicle at the

round of the Missouri Hare Scrambles Championship. Even though it looks like it's snapped in two, that's
just the way I've always been.

I can thank my mother for this genetic anomaly, and now my two daughters can thank me for it as well. It's
called Congenital Pseudarthrosis, which is pretty rare, and even more uncommon to have it on both clavicles
(most of the time it's only on the right side). The condition gets rarer yet when two siblings have it. Fortunately,
it's never given me any problems with pain or mobility or dirt bike racing.

So there you have it....I'm special.