Montana Road Trip
Summer 1997
I packed a week's worth of stuff, along with one of
my motorcycles, and made the two-day drive to
Miles City.  With the town as my base camp, I
traveled the back roads on my motorcycle for two
long days, each approaching 200 miles of pure
This picture was taken on a bridge across the
Powder River.  From what I could tell, the river got
its name from the powder-like sediment that
clouded its waters.
Here's Eastern Montana...God's Country?
Need to find someone in Montana?  
Just follow the signs...
(70 miles to Miles City)
Almost there...
I reached my destination
Most towns are lucky to have one rodeo hall of famer.
Painted on the wall next to "Joe's career"
was "1975-78
National Champs
4 Super Bowls
Joe - 3 MVP's"
Just me and my ride and a ton of open space.
Just couldn't get enough of those signs...
Cattle guards are cool
I saw a few interesting things on the way to Montana....
(click on photos for full-sized image)
Coal mining in North Dakota near a town
called Zap
Cutting some wheat in North Dakota
Happy Hay Bales near Golden Valley
They take their mailboxes seriously
Makin' hay while the sun shines
One week of vacation and time to kill...where to go?  What to do?  O.K., I'm a strange dude (if you've explored this website,
then you already knew that).  I chose Montana, and not the pretty part on the west side. I was inspired to drive to Eastern
Montana because of a book called Bad Land by Jonathan Raban.  His description of the land was nothing short of amazing,
considering there's not much out there to see except cattle and endless miles of dirt roads.  He also described a town
originally called Ismay, which changed its name to "Joe" in hopes of attracting thousands of Joe Montana fans to an annual
celebration.  Unfortunately, Joe, Montana didn't look like it had benefited much from its Joe Montana shrine on the side of
an abandoned Catholic church