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July - September 2009
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July 29, 2009
Ah, the wrench/bottle opener combo. One of the great
inventions of all time. There's only one way to get
gotta get one of these:
...which also entitles you to one of these:
So here it goes - orange once again.
August 18, 2009
Here we have one of the greatest combinations of semi-liquid
perfection known to man. Or at least to this man. Brought to
me by a General Electric blender with more functions than a
satellite DVR remote, the frozen Mudslide is, quite simply, the
essence of perfection in cool refreshing drinks. It goes well
with patios, lazy evenings on the couch, and HBO's Entourage
on Sunday nights.
August 23, 2009
Here's a pretty good read about the Chicago World's Fair in
1893, which in itself is only mildly as interesting as the serial

killer operating within the city during that time. It's two stories
in one, each pretty dang fascinating. Hard to imagine how a
fair of that size would have happened today, or the extent of a
crazy guy's killing spree. Either way, both stories are
absolutely true.
August 29, 2009
This week the graphics for my new KTM 250XC arrived from
BikeGraphix in Kansas City. One of the most enjoyable aspects
of applying large decals to plastic parts is actually applying the
decals to the plastic parts, and by that I mean it compares on
the Scale of Suck to reading a national health care legislative
proposal, page by page. It is somewhat tedious and takes
much patience, but a bottle of Windex and a squeegee make
this task almost bearable. If done properly, the results look
something like this.
September 12, 2009
One of the interesting aspects of owning an Austrian
motorcycle, versus one originating from Japan, is that I can at
least make an attempt at pronouncing the words on various
spare parts packages. In this case we have a
(airbox cover) and a
Filterwand (filter wall). These plastic pieces
are some of the parts I always pull off any shiny new motorcycle
I purchase, in exchange for aftermarket plastic that will be
abused for a few years, then mounted back on the bike when
I'm ready to sell the motorcycle. It's how I attempt to disguise
the torture my bikes are subjected to, in hopes a willing sucker,
er, buyer will take the bike off my hands so I can go buy

So do your best Govenator impersonation and repeat after me:
Filterkastendeckel oder Filterwand sollten nicht für reproduktive
Zwecke benutzt werden.

[translation: Airbox cover or filter wall should not be used for
reproductive purposes.]
September 18, 2009
If anything resembling the above ever shows up on my kitchen
counter and allows itself to be photographed, rest assured, the
temperature of hell has dropped just a tad. Thank you Megan,
and thank you Rolling Stone magazine.

(click on the photo for a closer view, or just go out and buy the
dang magazine)