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August 1, 2011
Back from RAGBRAI 2011, and this might be the best
souvenir from Iowa. The only people who received these were
the ones who chose to take the "Karras Loop" on Day 3,
which added enough miles to that day's ride to get us to 100
for the day (a "Century" ride). Michelle and I did this, as well
as a couple others from Team PaceMakers. The midpoint of
the Karras Loop took us to the tiny town of Dana, where I
was able to stop by
Juhl Feed and see my former customer,
Mark Juhl. More importantly, we were able to lounge in a fully
air-conditioned building for a half-hour or so, which was
about the only thing that kept me going that day. It was
hot! But we survived, and had some incredibly generous
hosts that night in Boone. Great trip.
August 8, 2011
Back from 4 days of dirt biking in Colorado, and this might be
the most interesting souvenir from that trip. Turns out my
KTM doesn't have a spark arrestor, and the National Forest
Service would like all off-road vehicles to have'em. Had I
remembered to turn off on Slaughterhouse Gulch Road just
before Pitkin, we would have missed the inspection
checkpoint altogether. But I was leading, the turnoff came
and went, and I found myself with Jim Walker and two kind
gentlemen from the Forest Service. Jim's arrestor-less KTM
somehow passed the inspection, but mine did not. They were
very cool about it, though. I think the Forest Service has a
pretty good idea who pays their salaries.
August 26, 2011
Remember when you were young and had dreams? I never
really had many dreams of traveling the world, but I did
want to be prepared in case I had an opportunity to jet off
to some exotic foreign country. So at the ripe age of 29, I
obtained a passport. At the riper age of 39, I renewed my
passport, which is what arrived in the mail today. The old
one was used twice, both times for returning from Canada.
The new one...well, we'll see.
September 30, 2011
clean-out of my soon-to-be-wife's home, which she found
inside the house back when she bought it. This is the
Freeport Journal-Standard on November 6, 1968 (click on
the photo for a larger view).
October 2, 2011
counter these days? My pending merger of households, just
20 days away, has brought many unique pieces of...this
kind of stuff. Much, much more is already scattered
throughout all areas of my house, and there is more to

Kitchen counter top end jobs may be a thing of the past.
October 14, 2011
You gotta love a woman who knows my riding style,
without ever having seen me ride. Replace that frog with
me, and it's pretty much spot-on.
November 3, 2011
After my nuptials last month, some interesting things are
showing up all over the house. Here's an appliance whose
purpose I have no idea, and whose operation I am clueless.
I think it makes something in the family of coffee, but that
tiny little pot with the long handle sure does seem too small
to be useful. Maybe my lovely bride can explain this one.....
December 31, 2011
For my regular followers
of this Kitchen Counter
series, I now present to
you the oddest item
you've probably ever
seen. I'm trying this out
as a lubricant for vacuum
hose connectors in my
truck, so that you can
pull apart the connectors
easily, yet still maintain a
good vacuum seal.
Here's hoping it works.

Actually, it is for the
express purpose as
printed on the label. I'm
planning on bulking up
this winter to stay warm,
then drop the pounds in
the spring. Can't be
having unsightly stretch
marks on my belly.

Ok, that's not exactly
accurate either. It's the
wifey's recent purchase,
and an appropriate symbol
of my forever-changed
future. Papa gonna need
to start shopping for
mini-bikes. And all the
other stuff that goes with
the child rearing thing.