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July-December 2010
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July 3, 2010
What is a cheese curd? Until about a year ago, I would not
have been able to answer that question. Today, I can tell you
that these little nuggets of goodness are a benefit of living
just a few miles from Wisconsin. As I've learned, the key to
identifying an authentic curd is the sound it makes as you
chew...yes, there is a sound - a distinct squeaking. It's true.
So if it don't squeak, it ain't a real curd.

These came from
Decatur Dairy, just outside of Brodhead,
Wisconsin. Not only are the curds pretty awesome, so is their
Muenster cheese. In fact, the Muenster's so good, it is World
Championship quality. Check it out next time you're near

Curd is the word...accept no substitutes.
August 15, 2010
There are more than farm animals and carnival rides at the
Wisconsin State Fair, as evidenced by this collection of
Wisconsin-vintage wine. The fair has its own wine tasting
building, where for about $10 you can sample 13 or so
wines. These four varieties all fall into the "wine cooler" class
of super-sweet vino. I think there's less sugar in a can of
Mountain Dew. But hey, for $12 a pop, it'll make you feel as
good as any other wine could do. And all of these can be had
just across the border. More than cheese in Wisconsin? Who
September 1, 2010
Back in August 2008, I marveled at the size of memory
cards. In particular, I was extremely impressed by the 2GB
Micro SD card that I bought for my Motorola flip phone. Well,
guess what? That 2GB Micro SD card is now itself miniscule,
thanks to ever-advancing technology. The tiny little card in
the bottom right of the picture above holds 32GB. Kind of
makes that 256MB compact flash card look like a cassette
September 15, 2010 is a wonderful thing. Two of my favorite things
can be ordered in bulk from the website, paid for with one click
of a button, and shipped to my door for no extra charge.
November 1, 2010
No! I do not drink coffee. I have no intentions of drinking
coffee. This, folks,  is what true love makes a guy do: buy
something which he has absolutely no use for. But it sure
did make her happy.