What's on my kitchen counter?
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April 15, 2013
If you come here often, you might believe that nothing much
has appeared on my kitchen counter recently. You would be
One thing of interest today is the piece of paper shown
above. It represents the breaking of a 19-year streak in
which I owned no other automobiles than S-series vehicles
manufactured by General Motors. This window sticker came
with a new Ford F-150 pickup truck which I purchased about
3 weeks ago. It is a nice truck. It is a big truck, relative to an
S-series truck. It has a 36-gallon fuel tank, which I enjoy
quite a bit, except when I try to put in more than $75 of
gasoline at a Walmart gas station. Then I become annoyed.

Right now the truck and I are getting to know each other. So
far, so good.