Last updated December 2006
The KTM Story
Background: Warrensburg, Missouri hare scramble 2003
The info on this page is dedicated to KTM's offroad
2-stroke lineup of 250cc and larger models from
1998 through 2002. After that, the bikes changed.
Some of the information here still applies to newer
models, but use it at your own risk!
Orange Envy
It Happened One
1999 300EXC
Back in the day....
The Heim Bearing:
It's a KTM thing.
Cheap Parts
Your favorite page
Fussy Brakes
Get the Mush Out
Throttle Sticking
Read this now!
The Race Gas Conundrum
How I solved it
Keihn Needle
NOZx vs. N85x
Bearings & Seals
1999 & 2002 models
Those Massive
50mm WPs
Changing the Fork Oil
Get the Scoop
NGK Spark Plugs
Leaky Fork Seals?
Here's a few tips
2002 300MXC
Fond memories