Kawasaki KX250
The making of a
Woods Machine
Thinking about riding a
motocross 2-stroke bike
in the woods?
The KX Experience
I bought my 2003 KX250
from Motorcycle Brokers
in Vancouver, BC
Canada. Who are they
and what's their deal?
Those Crazy Canadians
Hebo hydraulic clutch
Just Like Butter!
As with KTM's, parts for
the KX250 can be
Now for Green Machines: I've
continued my
Quest for Cheap
Background: Ryan's Farm hare scramble, September 2006 (Morrison, Illinois)
Ever wonder what a motorcycle looks like in the crate?
2003 Kawasaki KX250
Purchased from Motorcycle Brokers
The crate was light and effective in protecting the '03 KX250.  I mounted the front
wheel, handlebars, front fender and number plate, added some transmission oil and
gas, and it was ready to ride.
The 2004 KX250 at its second race
Colona, Illinois 3/26/06)
In 2003-04, Kawasaki apparently produced
more KX250's for the U.S. market than they
could sell, resulting in some pretty low
prices for leftover models. The '03 KX
worked well enough after a couple years of
hard racing, so when I had a chance to pick
up a new '04 KX for a decent price in July
2005, I jumped at the opportunity. Naturally,
Editor's Note: these pages
document my 6-year affair
with a pair of Kawasaki
KX250's. These two bikes,
2003 and 2004 models, were
surprisingly effective,
reliable and strong-handling
woods racers. I sold my last
KX250 in 2010.
I rarely take the conventional route when buying motorcycles, and this one was no
exception. The KX came from
Racing Unlimited (Fort Dodge, Iowa), delivered to me
on a flatbed trailer full of drywall studs at a weigh station on I-55 in Bolingbrook,
Illinois. Prior to that, I'd had only a few e-mail exchanges and phone calls with a guy
who runs the dealership. When I overnighted that cashier's check, let's just say I was
putting my full faith in human decency. Thankfully, the semi-truck arrived on schedule.

Many of the aftermarket parts that turned the 2003 KX250 into a woods machine
were interchangeable with the '04 KX, which only added to the attraction of owning a
really leftover dirt bike. Since it was July when the new bike arrived, I finished out the
racing season on the '03 KX and let the '04 KX sit patiently (I never even started the
engine until December '05). Its first ride was in January 2006.

Naturally, the '04 KX is very similar to the '03 KX. A few tweaks to the engine gave it
a bit more response. Other minor changes were a different front brake line routing,
repositioning of a exhaust pipe bracket, and slightly different shock linkage. Unlike the
'03 KX, on which I stuck with the stock pipe almost exclusively, I've been using an
FMF Fatty on the '04 KX, not so much because of the extra responsiveness with the
FMF pipe, but more because I smashed all the used (eBay) stock pipes I had in my
inventory. The Fatty pipe was the last I had, so I bolted on a fancy
ELine carbon fiber
pipe guard and haven't looked back.