WP 50mm Conventional Forks

1. Take off wheel, brake caliper, speedo cable, and
anything else attached to forks.

2. Loosen upper triple clamp bolts.

3. Put adjusters at softest settings and then loosen
top cap (hard to do when fork is removed from

4. Loosen lower triple clamp bolts and remove

5. Unscrew top cap

6. Grab black cylinder thing sitting on top of
spring; push down to compress spring enough that
the metal key at top of cartridge comes out.

7. Remove black cylinder thing, white preload
spacers, and washer.

8. Pull out spring.

9. Dump out oil (another washer will fall out)

10. Remove bolt from bottom of fork (more oil will
drip out)

11. Pry up dust seal (carefully)

12. Use small screwdriver to pry up retaining clip

13. Jerk apart inner and outer tubes (if they won't
budge, apply heat to the top of the outer tube)

14. Beware of bottoming cone falling out of lower
tube and onto hard concrete floor (let it slide out
gently and catch it with your hand)

15. Pump cartridge several times to get all the oil

16. Clean everything

17. Re-assemble inner/outer tubes and cartridge

18. Carefully drive seals back in place with PVC
pipe fitting (do some experimenting to see what
works) and put in retaining clips and dust seals

19. Tighten and torque bolt at bottom of outer
tube (a vice makes this easier; 24n-M torque, I

20. Fill'er up with 5-wt oil just below the top of the
inner tube (with spring still removed)

21. Extend and retract inner/outer tube (and
cartridge) to fill cartridge with oil. Do this several
times until the motion is smooth when pulling up
inner tube through its entire stroke.

22. Level off oil to 145mm (inner tube fully
compressed in outer tube)

23. Re-assemble spring, washers, spacers, and
top cap

24. Put forks back in triple clamps

25. Torque lower triple clamp bolts (20 n-M);
tighten top caps; tighten upper clamp bolts (15

26. Put wheel, brakes, and everything else back
together (always put thread lock on brake caliper

You're Done!!
The Reader's Digest guide to
fork oil changing