Lars Valin
2003 International Six Days Enduro
Fortazela, Brazil
Kevin Ruckdeschell
MHSC #94
Smithville Lake, Missouri
September 22, 2002
Adam Ashcroft
All-around good guy
MHSC #250
Donnie Dannar
White Rock Enduro
March 2004
Combs, Arkansas
Go to Columbia, Missouri.  Ask a native or a Mizzou student
who makes the best pizza in town and you'll probably be
pointed to 9th street in downtown Columbia.  Shake's
fearless leader is none other than PizzaMan, a regular in the
Missouri Hare Scrambles Championship and an all-around
good guy.  
Rescued from the archives: Check out his
on what was once the "unofficial" Missouri Hare
Scrambles Championship web site.  Or, go to the
Kurt "Pizzaman" Mirtsching
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