Disabling the Door Chime
For more than half my life I have been blessed with country living. When my
cars and trucks are parked in my garage, the keys stay in the ignitions. The
downside to theft-free living is that I get to hear the door chime every time I
step in or out of the vehicle. With the S-series GM truck I owned previously, I
could back the key out about a half-inch from the ignition, and the chime
would cease. Not so with the F-150. As long as the key is making contact
with the ignition area, the chime stays on.

Fortunately the good folks at
f150forum.com came to my rescue. A fairly
simple process makes the chime go away when the key is in the ignition and
the front door is open. I won't repeat the whole process here, but check out
either the
link to the original thread, or a pdf file with a pictorial
description of how this works.
This author of the thread on f150forum.com had a truck with the electric tilt
wheel option. The only difference between his truck and mine was I had a
snap-tab to pry apart. The yellow circle in the photo below shows where this
tab is located on my truck. The photo came from the author of the thread,
whose truck apparently had an alignment tab here that didn't snap into
The procedure was pretty simple, and can be easily reversed if needed.