Eastern Road Trip 2007
How to drive 3,500 miles in 12 days
First, pack like a girl:
Next, stuff the truck full of motorcycle gear, a mountain
bike, and of course that monstrous spare tire:
The spare tire doesn't fit on its carrier because in order to drive
3,500 miles in 12 days, you must bring along your motorcycle
and Ultimate MX Hauler:
Destination #2:
Unadilla Grand National Cross Country race
New Berlin, New York
It's a carnival-like atmosphere:
Destination #1
Chenango Valley State Park
Binghamton, New York
Chenango Valley State Park is
a nice little park in south
central New York, not too far
from the Pennsylvania border.
It's a little over an hour from
New Berlin, site of the Unadilla
Grand National Cross Country
race, and had two appealing
attractions: mountain bike
trails and cabins with wood
burning stoves (temperatures
dropped down into the 40's
both nights I was there).
Probably breaking a few New York
state laws....
The weather turned cool and wet
the weekend I was here, but that
didn't stop me from hitting the
mountain bike trails and enjoying
some quality "John" time in the
The place even had a stove and
Now that's what I call home cookin'.....
The Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series is the NASCAR of woods racing.
The staging area for the race was the Unadilla motocross track, made famous by the
1987 Motocross des Nations and many epic AMA National motocross races over the
years. It's a large, mostly natural terrain track in the rolling hills of Central New York.
Suzuki and Yamaha factory
racing team trucks
The "main drag" through the
staging area
KTM is always well represented at
any off-road motorcycle race
Can-Am is the main sponsor for
the GNCC racing series in 2007
It's a scenic place.
GNCC racing legend Rodney Smith, checking out the
motocross track. Rodney's now well into his 40's and
still blazingly fast.
Team Suzuki making their way back to the pits.
(Rodney Smith, Mike Webb and Glenn Kearney)
Starting area for the Sunday morning race
They called it "The Wall"
We saw a lot of this....
...and some of this. The guy on the ground
(right) riding a KTM (left, on its side) flew
the highest over the wall. He also crashed
the hardest. After a few minutes he came to
his senses, jumped back on his KTM and
took off down the trail.
For riders and spectators alike, it was a constant battle to avoid
getting hit. The unfortunate guys (and gals) who fell at the top of the
wall were in precarious positions. One guy got some serious air over
the top and landed on a bike lying on the ground. Looked kinda
painful for everyone involved.
This poor guy tried climbing the
big hill on the motocross track
3 times before giving up.
The rest of the story...the trip actually
started at my company's annual retreat at
Starved Rock State Park, then a brief stop
at the storage unit to pick up the KX250 on
my way to Fulton, New York to see a
business client. The trip also included
mountain biking; thus the need to pack so
much gear.