Condo Living
My name is John.
This is where I live.
This is my neighborhood.
At night the city glows so bright, I don't have to turn on the lights.
This is where I used to live.
It was nice.
I had my own garage.
With lots of toys inside.
Then I moved here for a little while.
It was nice.
There was a pool.
And a garage for my toys.
It was smaller, but I still liked it.
Then I moved to a place called Chicago.
It has some really tall buildings.
And a lake.
Some of the people here are friendly.
But a lot of times they need my money.
To get bus fare for their jobs and stuff.
I have a garage for Big Bird.
But other people park their cars here.
And leave the garage door open sometimes.
Then stuff starts to disappear.
I keep most of my toys here now.
In a place called The Suburbs.
It is where people go to have babies.
My truck lives here.
It is a tight fit.
My bicycle lives with me.
I like yellow things.
My bike's name is Sting.
I wash my air filters here.
Girls think this is weird.
I don't understand girls much.
Someday, maybe Big Bird and my toys will live in a garage like this.
People do funny things in The Suburbs.
My kitchen is ok.
I mostly use it to store stuff.
Like air filters.
Until then, I will just hang out with my neighbors.
Whenever I come over, they ask if I have Wacky Tabacky.
I think it's a new game for my PS3.
Have a nice day!
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