Comfortably Numb Photo Album
Above: JJ was the first to try this
tricky section, which was
steeper than it looks here.
Below: Naturally, I had to do it too:
Above: This was a long bridge
over a deep gorge that linked two
trails into what is now
Comfortably Numb. Near this
bridge is the first, last, and only
chance to get out of the woods
and back to civilization without
riding the whole trail. We weren't
even halfway at this point. A few
other groups of people were on
the trail that day, including the
guys in front of Jeff.
Below: It was a long way down:
Lots of raised trails.
JJ riding the planks. The forest was
thick and sometimes a bit dark.
Falling off the "trail" could hurt:
Sometimes all it takes is a little
"mo" to get up the ramp.
Many incredible views.
Below: Getting closer to civilization. The guys we met on the trail said
we'd be getting close to the end when the golf course was visible. I
was glad to see the golf course.
Another very steep section. I rode
down this with my ass pretty
much rubbing the back tire.
Below: Roots and rocks - always
something to keep you on your toes.
Whistler Mountain Bike Trip 2004