Agriculture Feeds the World
Niece Kara on the farm
October 2003
The Aftermath:
Stockland elevator fire
March 2001
Farm Excitement
Tornado - June 2001
That's about 1500 bushels of corn.
Cousin Dylan on the WD tractor
October 2003
Time to plant.
This is corporate farming, folks.
Walker Ag Group
(half a mile from Stichnoth World Farm Headquarters)
Ever wondered where
organic food comes from?
Pretty much the same
place as everything else.
(click here for pdf version)
The Stockland Cafe
Community owned and
Here's where your
Free Range Pork
comes from
Home Sweet Home
Kyle and Lindsay
Summer 2004
Kankakee County Fair
Using my employer's money to buy a steer
(and get myself close to the fair queen)
August 1996
See, I'm not the only guy who breaks bridges.
Me and Uncle Duane, we got skills.
Here's what 800 bushels can do to wagons.
Hauling corn
January 2008
Breaking Stuff
Read more
about my 2005
Farm Week