2004 Season
White Rock Enduro
Combs, Arkansas
March 2004
Photo credit: Jamie Forbes
So far, so good...sort of.
This hill was near the end of a
75-mile enduro. Note the rock
ledge near the top.
Now we have a problem. Riding
buddy Matt
Sellers approaching.
...or maybe not.
It's called a Pity Crash. You feel so
bad about your
buddy falling down, you do the same.
And finally, the recovery.
The hill was so tiring, Donnie Dannar decided to take a nap.
Left: Jerry Hemann, showing how
it's supposed to be done. Jerry
rode on the same minute as Matt
and I.
Godspeed, Jerry.
Matt had a tough day.
Steelville, Missouri Hare Scramble
Missouri Hare Scrambles Championship
April 2004
Photo Credit: Jeff Henderson
#38 Todd Corwin chasing me near the start
Leadbelt National Enduro
St. Joe State Park
Park Hills, Missouri
May 2004
Me and Jeff Neathery (left), members of
the Black Helmet Club, counting down
the minutes to the start.
And we're off! I crashed about 100 yards later, in the
Launching off one of the ledges in the
infamous waterfall section.
Another waterfall launch. Lars Valin, multi-time ISDE
competitor, is viewing my technique to the left.
Two hundred yards from the end of a 100-mile enduro
and I was
very ready to call it a day. I started the race
just after 8:00 a.m. and finished up just after 2:00 p.m.